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Henri-Edmond Cross - 'The Evening Air' 1893 {{PD}}

Henri-Edmond Cross – ‘The Evening Air’ 1893 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Capricorn, you find your way purely on instinct; what you don’t know about yourself guides you, with the result that, though you are not conscious of the whys and wherefores, you nevertheless arrive at your goal, perhaps more quickly than you otherwise would’ve taking a more consciously sought and planned path. This can be scary, if you’re otherwise heavy in Earth (and so wanting to climb a set of concrete steps) or in Air (where you’d like to plan and orchestrate)–but your Water placements should be delighted–look to them in the natal chart, and to transiting Neptune, for charged-up areas that will hold inspiration, creative outlets, and probably the most activity, through to your next birthday. Be ready: the social influence may change values, and the situation with home, mate, and commitments may change your role or contacts in the social sphere. No matter how you cut it, it’s a big year for you, Cap–though you may not see that for some time after. Happy Birthday, Capricorn, and good luck!