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William Henry Jackson - 'Mystic Lake' albumen print 1872 {{PD}}

William Henry Jackson – ‘Mystic Lake’ albumen print 1872 {{PD}}

We’re under a loose Mystic Rectangle now, a configuration that almost magically amps up the involved energies and helps them help one another. The rectangle has a point, in this case we’ll start with the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aquarius, trine a second point (North Node and Zeus) sextile a third (Juno in Leo) trine a fourth (South Node-Uranus) which naturally happens to sextile the first. This combination suggests thinking and feeling, communications, relationships, and finances, are in accord, and successfully aligning with ambitions and desire fulfillment that are specifically concerned with future developments and goals–we don’t have any trouble keeping where we want to end up in mind–and that is both empowering, and lowers the chances we will rebel against our own plans, behave erratically, or suddenly change course, as we are aware of how our own irregular choices (or accidents or mishaps) may have sunk things in the past. This is a point when we can make a lot of headway, and make choices that are consistent with our ultimate wishes and goals.

Things to watch out for: thinking and not acting–the Merc-Venus conjunction in Aquarius inclines us to intellectual activity and to using that lens for most perceptual duties–and that means we can get ‘lost in our heads’, thinking we’re being effective in the world when most of the activity is actually only mental; Juno in Leo says that empowerment may give us an ego or image boost–and we may easily believe our own press–keep perspective; and remember that indulging in the erratic or rebellious is where we can short-circuit the flow of this config. The Mystic Rectangle is in effect now and continues through the 17th.

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