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Ren Shuai Ying (任率英) Title 嫦娥奔月 (Chang'e Flying to the Moon) Date 	1955 {{PD}}

Ren Shuai Ying (任率英)
Title 嫦娥奔月 (Chang’e Flying to the Moon)
Date 1955 {{PD}}

This may be a very unusual year for you, dear Capricorn, through to your next birthday; you may feel like you are whizzing along (or is it floating, or drifting, or standing still?) all alone. It may be a time when you feel untethered, bound to very little, and obligated to even less. For a good portion of the coming year, you may feel extraordinarily free, and if so, you should take careful note of those things to which you’re attracted, that grab your interest, that excite you–because these will be clues as to where your heart really lies–but they will not necessarily present in the form you should follow, so make your choices later. This will largely be a time for introspection and Self-discovery that is low key, observational only, designed to make you think and think again. You may obsess about past hurts–that’s so later you can let them go–and be careful what you communicate: the unusual internal experience you will have could make those you care about feel you are growing distant. Reassure them, and take special care not to cause emotional harm, as that will only unduly complicate matters in future. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!

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