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Sascha Schneider, "Icarus" (1906) {{PD}}

You Bette it may be a tough Journey, Cap! Sascha Schneider, “Icarus” (1906) {{PD}}

You’re wingin’ it, dear Capricorn, in a bid for true empowerment and independence, aiming straight for the status you want–and it’s a scary time, as you fear that figurative ‘wind beneath your wings’ (apologies, ’90s aficionados!) may disappear at any time. The reality is that you must go through this period when you feel very much alone, moving only under your own power–you didn’t really think others would just hand you that position you want, did you? No Cappy, you’re too realistic to have told yourself a fairy tale–but right now, a few fairy tales would be quite a good idea, to keep you inspired, to keep you believin’ (oops, don’t stop!) It’s important that you see present circumstances as necessary, rather than as a punishment–because a positive approach will insure that you stay open to learning what you need to learn–observation, acceptance, and new influences and examples can be your friends, right now–and a strong belief in your own abilities and in the need to persevere smartly will take you through, to a place about halfway to your next birthday, when your world will open up and things will look significantly different to you. Happy Birthday, Cap, and good luck!