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'A Reclining Lady with a Fan' Eleuterio Pagliani (1826-1903) {{PD}}

Get plenty of rest when you can, Cappy–it could be a trying year. ‘A Reclining Lady with a Fan’ Eleuterio Pagliani (1826-1903) {{PD}}

You may undergo some very subtle changes on the home front, with the mate, and/ or in those areas to which you dedicate your time and energy, dear Capricorn; this will play out over the Solar year between now and your next birthday, and during it all you may feel very alone and unsure. Some suggestions: retreat to what you know emotionally for support and respite; lead with your most original, unique, or unusual characteristics and abilities, when interacting with others; and take action (or at least, ready to take action) on your dreams. Your own actions may end up changing your ideals at this time, and, along with the other described changes that are unavoidable, you may reach your next Solar Return seeing and valuing things much differently; just know that’s not wrong, that’s evolution. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!