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Thanks to Jon Sullivan for contributing this image of San Juan Capistrano to the public domain.

Thanks to Jon Sullivan for contributing this image of San Juan Capistrano to the public domain.

We’ll be heading into the monthly Dark of the Moon period midway through this weekend; normally this is a time for introspection, contemplation, and being away from the world, in some sense. This allows for a kind of gestation that ‘births’ ideas, viewpoints, and experiences as the New Moon unfolds. We can’t always lock ourselves away, and the resulting dissonance between the need to go inward and the demands of the external can be jarring and leave us exhausted–so we look, wrongly, for relief with the return of the illuminated Moon. The New Moon renews only in the sense that it begins a cycle; it’s much more about re-emergence into a more active role in the world than it is about re-generation. Even though everything, including our own cells, is stimulated to grow under the pull of a New Moon, if we have not been allowed the needed rest period before hand . . . you see my point: without an adequate time of rest, the New Moon can stress, rather than refresh.

New Moon in Aquarius January 20th at 5:13 AM Pacific time at 00 Aquarius 08

Look to the matters of the House where the New Moon falls for the life area or subjects of the ‘birth’ within our reality picture. The Sabian is, ‘An Old Adobe Mission In California’. Being from California, I have been to many of these, and I love them, in spite of the uglier facets of what they once stood for—now they are only gardens and chapels, often oases of green in places that are crowded and topped over with concrete. The symbol echoes the repeating of the early Moon degree, with each mission just one in a chain strung up and down California—and this suggests that however these new beginnings (related to all the early degree New Moons of Fall and Winter) we have been seeing came about, even if the circumstances were ugly or inhumane, what they will become with time and personal growth are spots of mental or emotional respite (the Aquarian Moon), places that make a clear statement about what we should keep from the past, and what leave behind.

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