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'A pageant of childhood' Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

‘A pageant of childhood’ Thomas Cooper Gotch {{PD}}

The Full Moon is conjunct Jupiter, in a Fire Grand Trine with Pallas and Uranus, and apex to a Finger of God with base of Pluto-Chiron. This suggests two exaggerated dynamics working simultaneously, with both emphasizing the role of the individual (Leo) in the social context (Jupiter). The GT says that the FM can trigger smart and original action that expands our world or brings some personal matter to conclusion. The Finger suggests that successful healing brings transformation of matters of the House where the Full Moon falls in the natal chart, or brings transformation of the social position/ role. These configs may bring big, sweeping events, the abrupt cessation of something, and/ or fulfillment to some unique and original plan or dream—with this latter it may be more about ‘concluding the dream’, wrapping up planning, and for the first time seeing that your optimism was well placed—your plan is going forward.

The Sabian for the FM is, ‘A Pageant, With Its Spectacular Floats, Moves Along A Street Crowded With Cheering People’. A pageant is often a symbolic reenactment of a journey or progression of events; this one is presented like a parade, and suggests that the Full Moon brings a kind of celebration of what has been prepared, considered, nurtured, or expressed. It’s an overwhelmingly positive symbol, in the sense that things must be peaceful, prosperous, and the populace must be largely in agreement for this kind of thing to occur, and tells us that the results of the Full Moon are almost those of a harvest, a celebration of our own good choices.

This is a portion of the Full Moon report from ECLIPSE. See my books here and see the Full Moon chart here