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Karl M. Bengtson 'Millesgården på Lidingö' 1908 {{PD}}

Karl M. Bengtson ‘Millesgården på Lidingö’ 1908 {{PD}}

You may be caught this coming year, through to your next birthday, dear Aquarius, between what you know is wise and practical, and what has hurt you; both will, oddly enough, call you to destroy or transform the structures, supports, and rules-to-live-by of your world–and the trick will be in knowing the difference among what’s smart and should be preserved or instituted, what wounds need to be addressed or redressed, what needs to be regenerated in the life, and what removed. It won’t always be clear what you should do–in fact, expect that for much of the time, you will never quite be certain that what you’ve chosen is right–but two things will help: stay solidly connected to the reality situation, and any facts you know about it, and 2) always measure something against whether it will really be good for you as an individual. Sticking with those standards will make sure you stay on a productive and pleasing course. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!