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Elihu Vedder, - 'The Questioner of the Sphinx' - 1836 {{PD}}

Elihu Vedder, – ‘The Questioner of the Sphinx’ – 1836 {{PD}}

Emotions and intentions are in perfect alignment at this time, dear Aquarius–and that means you can go after what you want with a minimum of internal conflict. However, you may have some difficulty reconciling what you dream of with what actually seems possible, or even practical–you may be too quick to dismiss dreams as ephemeral, rather than as a legitimate goal worth pursuing–and that means you could waste a lot of time holding back, trying to measure what’s worth going after. That’s a miserable position, so just don’t take it. What I can tell you is that, sooner than you might think, you will be in a prime position to manifest your actual dream goals and life conditions–and you have to be ready when the opportunity comes. How to do that? Align your thoughts, intentions, and feelings with those matters that mean the most to you in life; find what you feel should be honored, find what you feel is sacred, and express that feeling in what you choose and who you are. By making your life meaningful to you to a profound depth, you will be more than ready to bring about your dreams when the time comes. Be prepared–those dreams may change over the course of preparing yourself. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!