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It's a New Moon today! Photo by USDA {{PD}}

It’s a New Moon today! Photo by USDA {{PD}}

This year, as I’m sure you know, dear Aquarius, your birthday falls on a New Moon–or does it? If you are an Aquarius, then you have one outlook for the new Solar year–but if you were born a Pisces, your year starts one minute after the New Moon, and looks different than for Aquarius. Usually I would just have Pisces people read the next day’s forecast, as it would apply to them–today we’ll do it a little differently.

If you are Aquarius with a birthday today: you are anticipating something exciting this coming year, through to your next birthday, and it will be, if you consider healing a thrill ride. You have the opportunity to recover from some long-lost opportunities that you regret not having taken, some ambitions not followed–you’ve been picking at the threads of what you didn’t pursue–and now it’s time to heal those wounds, chiefly by accepting that you were always on the ‘right’ Path (how can we not be?) and that your real opportunity arrives now. This coming year you will enjoy what may be unprecedented chances to pursue your ambitions and desires–the social sphere and the educational situation both support your goals–so go after what you want! Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!

If you are a Pisces with a birthday today: you get a fresh start–isn’t that what a New Moon is all about? More important, it will be clear you’ve reached a major conclusion of some situation, venture, approach, or endeavor, and you will now be free (or, you will be if you accept that this really is the end) to begin anew–but where do you start? Assessing the material situation accurately can’t be overstated as a necessary step in moving forward successfully; neither can formulating a plan for the future. Will the plan change along the way? Of course it will, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your hopes a shape to start out with. The key to getting the best start possible, though, lies with two things: your Willingness to lead, or go it alone, staying true to your own needs and vision, and your ability to bring your entire spirit out of the past (any bits or pieces that call you back to the details of what was) and into the now, where it belongs–retrieval of your spirit is vital–as you’ll need every bit of your formidable energy and attention to forge this new life direction. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!