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'Anemones'  Stefan Filipkiewicz 1907 {{PD}}

‘Anemones’ Stefan Filipkiewicz 1907 {{PD}}

Dear Pisces, you are carrying around a lot right now; you’re a veritable one-person Universe, and though there’s potential for enormous creativity and healing, a lot of energy may be drained into handling clashes of opposites. You may see smoothing out discord, meting out justice, and matchmaking as strengths at this time (they are) but you may be mistaken about addressing the never-ending stream of those needing negotiations, partnering, or a re-balancing of the scales: just ’cause you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Your job this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, is to reclaim your energy for yourself; you have enormous opportunities to mesh your ambitions and desires with fortuitous timing and the assistance of others to heal what’s broken within and to materialize your own particular kind of power, a clout that will allow creative expression for you at an unprecedented scale. So, let others sort it out–you have dreams to make. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!