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Don't be timid, Pisces. 'The goldfish bowl' Charles Edward Perugini c1870 {{PD}}

Don’t be timid, Pisces. ‘The goldfish bowl’ Charles Edward Perugini c1870 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Pisces, tests your approach to life, with circumstances that require you show originality and use your own unique take on things for success. If you’re already oriented that way, looking for the power expression that’s right for you, ready to determine your territory and to hold sway over it, then things will go well for you; it’s the gentle fishes who are not so sure about their life direction, or who hide their individuality, or who deny their own power and authority, who will have problems. Do your best to step up, and accept that you are a significantly powerful and talented Being–and a few hints to help you this year: your energy supply may feel raw and difficult to gauge–take it easy; relationships and/ or finances may be in crisis this year, but don’t panic–in most cases, these issues can be put on hold–if they’re still there and enlisting your attention in 3 months, then you should address them (this implies that what’s not serious or permanent will drift away before then); and don’t underestimate the strength of your own unique viewpoint–your experiences have made you creative in unexpected ways–it’s time now to call on that. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!