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We'll be very aware we're lacking a certain below-the-surface harmony. Edgar Degas - 1885 {{PD}}

We’ll be very aware we’re lacking a certain below-the-surface harmony. Edgar Degas – 1885 {{PD}}

21 February we have an interesting situation astronomically, with Venus both conjunct Mars (at the same zodiacal degree) and also contra-parallel (each at the same distance from but on opposite sides of the celestial equator). This suggests a built-in struggle between the two energies, which on the surface appear to be together (the conjunction). It may mimic the way those same energies will meet internally (interaction and Self-Will, receptivity and action) or externally (a man and woman, being active while another person is passive, or vice-versa) and clash at a fundamental level. For the individual it may be like having one’s foot on the gas and on the brake at the same time; In interaction with others, it may be like a ballet dancer and a football player who want to team up—their methods, techniques, and ways of interacting are so very different that, though they intend for each to apply their skills in the same game, there’s no one game that suits them both. So, receptivity draws aggression, Love draws anger, Money draws Action, Jealousy draws temper, greed emphasizes individual wants—you get the picture—and of course this is happening in the first degree of Aries, where Mars is at home and Venus is not, suggesting that the easy go-to in uncomfortable situations may be lashing out or taking off. The only way forward may be to walk into any venture with the awareness that you will have contradictory urges within yourself to deal with, and that in any cooperative situation you will be fundamentally taking a different, even opposite, approach or viewpoint than the other party. Too, this aspect set may breed discord in spousal, romantic, or partnership relations, and turning away from individual interactions, we’ll likely find that the social sphere isn’t receptive, either. (Perfecting today: Venus conjunct and contra-parallel Mars, and sesquiquadrate Jupiter)