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John William Waterhouse - 'Mermaid' {{PD}}

John William Waterhouse – ‘Mermaid’ {{PD}}

This is a re-print I thought you might find interesting, as it talks about both the Fist of God, a config involved in the upcoming Solar eclipse, and about the effects of an eclipse that conjuncts the natal South Node. ‘What You’re Asking’ is taken from search terms (shown in italics) used to bring seekers to this site, and I’ve modified the Full Moon answer below to reflect the next one that we’ll see, a Lunar eclipse.

mermaids and full moon

Let’s answer this one first, as an excuse to use that beautiful Waterhouse portrait of a mermaid: of course they exist, and if you’re lucky enough to see one, it’ll probably be under a Full Moon–just seems right. The next one comes at 5 April, 5:06 AM Pacific time, and falls at 14 Libra 24. Find the perfect beach, then when the day comes stake it out (you’ll be ‘up with the fishes’!) preferably with a picnic and someone you love to keep you company, and wait for the magic to happen.

astrology fist of god

A configuration where the base is two or more bodies square each other, with all base components sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) from the apex body. Typically this presents as an initial conflict between the base energies that, once resolved (or at least is brought to some kind of equilibrium) then results in another hurdle, described by the conflict between the disparate points of view of the base bodies and the apex body–so we officially have three viewpoints to juggle, and possibly to blend/ resolve. Often this generates both intense internal tension and stressful outward situations, and just as with a ‘regular’ square, we can’t ignore that initial clash of the base energies–they demand attention, and once they’ve gotten some, the apex energy makes demands, and this is so whether we’ve successfully resolved the base energies or not. We can really feel it’s being piled on when a Fist of God (some prefer Thor’s Hammer) is activated, but the thing to remember is this: don’t let the stress run the show; nine times out of ten, a Fist presents issues that are in some essential way unresolvable (at least, if formed or activated by transit, unresolvable in the moment and solely by you), and you’ll gain a great deal by taking a step back and recognizing that this may be a riddle that, right now, has no totally satisfying answer.

Saturn square Pluto

As a natal aspect, this is weighty; it pits the darkest and most powerful personal elements of the Self against the personal elements most slavish to custom, fearful of authority, locked into rules, hidebound, and conventional. The alchemical nature of Pluto requires almost constant change, either through destruction and resurrection or replacement, or through transformation, while Saturn is all about keeping things just as they’ve always been. So, we’re likely to see this clash as a recurring theme in the life of someone who has this in the horoscope, and this is likely to express with the individual balancing the two awkwardly (gently committing a little more to one or the other) until something forces an impossible choice or requires the two factors to work together–and the energies can be reconciled, if the individual knows both her or his own power (Pluto) and is firmly in touch with reality (Saturn) and as well has mastered at least a modicum of Self-discipline (also Saturn). We can’t overlook the fact that this unites two or more Houses of the natal chart, the ones with Scorpio and Capricorn (and possibly Aquarius, as Saturn was its ancient ruler) on the cusp; the nature of this connection will be one where some of the matters of the Houses will face this same status quo vs. regeneration challenge, possibly repeatedly, until the individual reaches a final, working relationship between the two energies, giving neither one short-shrift in the life.

pallas in scorpio

As a natal placement, this promises that one’s internalized wisdom is deep; there may be a sense of intuitive ‘knowing’ from an early age. Guidance may spring from getting to know darkness (one’s own or the workings of darkness within the world), and from a strong sense of curiosity, the kind that will research fearlessly for the answer. The person with this placement may understand emotion and the wisdom behind its expression, or may glean knowledge from emotional experience, and Pallas in Scorpio may have a kind of x-ray vision, seeing to the Truth of any matter. Positive manifestations show wisdom based in a thorough understanding and acceptance of the life-death-life scenario, while a negative expression could come in the form of the Evil Queen who offers others a poisoned apple (tainted guidance), out of malice, jealousy, or the desire to destroy.

peacock to eat

I just had to Google this myself; Juno prefers these majestic birds pulling her chariot, and would flip out if she saw a mortal eating the bird that represents her (which is, I think, why this query showed up at my site, due to some mention of Juno and her mascot). I was curious: do people eat peacock? There’s this, which describes preparation of peacock in medieval Europe. Of course, about half the answers that Google gave reversed the scenario, as if I’d asked what peacocks eat; the most entertaining (and somehow unnerving–who is this person?) was on Yahoo Answers: and I quote, ” i used to raise peacocks and lemme tell you they are some good eatin.” And end scene.

south node solar eclipse

This seems a very compelling event, with the power and intense energy of a Solar eclipse meeting the point in the natal chart that designates ‘the past’ (one’s memories, experiences, all that is residue of what was for the Soul). The result could be a breaking-free from old habits, obligations, or restrictions, especially those that are imposed through outdated roles or occurrences that no longer have resonance; residue of memory and the interference of others could fall away in a single instant. One could even have one’s memory wiped clean, through something as soap opera-y as amnesia or as life-changing as a stroke, or where a version of the past is removed from the life quite literally, as when a tornado destroys everything one owns. It could be much simpler, and entirely internal, as when the eclipse illuminates something from the past that has been unavailable or hidden; one finds out about one’s own adoption, perhaps, or learns of a family secret that lifts the veil on some important mental viewpoint or emotional response to their own origins or experience. There’s also the potential for actualizing all accumulated knowledge in some form that allows it to flow into the future and manifest in some wise and divine creation, as if lightning has struck all that was for the individual and crystallized it into a single, shimmering idea that one is destined to deliver to the world. Just remember to keep the orbs very tight; for this aspect I would prefer 1.5 degrees or less in variation from exact.

Juno’s response to Mercury’s birth

“It’s a bay-bee!”

(Possibly as spoken by Julia Sweeney’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ character, ‘Pat’)

Have a wonderful weekend!