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Anthonis Leemans - 'Hunting gear, Still Life'  17th century Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Anthonis Leemans – ‘Hunting gear, Still Life’ 17th century Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

What is that thing that’s been bothering you, dear Pisces? It’s been hovering around the edge of your consciousness but you can’t seem to grasp it. It may end up tormenting you for a good part of the coming year, through to your next birthday, but that’s really a good thing, as it will prompt you to learn about yourself, specifically about those things in your ‘blind spot’, which is the internal ‘place’ that influences actions and thought but where you can’t perceive that this influences is occurring, but others can. It will also cause you to get on better terms with your instincts–perhaps helping you trust them more, as well as helping you sort them from thoughts and wish-fulfillment–and all this will also aid in you dedicating your life energies to causes, to home creation, or to supporting the mate, in a way and to an extent you never have before. It’s going to be a busy year, Pisces–and a last bit of advice: the emotions are likely to be an early warning system for what’s wise and what’s not–listen to them. Happy Birthday, and good luck!