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Your year won't exactly be a picnic, Pisces. George Goodwin Kilburne 'The Picnic' c1900 {{PD}}

Your year won’t exactly be a picnic, Pisces. George Goodwin Kilburne ‘The Picnic’ c1900 {{PD}}

Doing what’s smart and/ or practical, acquiring key skills, and becoming more attuned to instinct all seem to be your goals this coming year, dear Pisces, through to your next birthday, and whether those goals spring from previous problems or a desire to fine-tune the direction you’re headed doesn’t really matter–they’re worthy aims, no matter what. Don’t expect a lot of fanfare, though; this is slated to be a fairly quiet year for you, one where you can make a lot of progress if you’re content to put your head down and work. Of course, it’s not all grim effort, though there will be one or more occasions where matters of Love or Money will take what feel like fated turns. Too, matters of the Houses in the Natal Chart ruled by Venus may at some point reach crisis mode, and it may take significant attention to work them out. Still, you can end this relatively unglamorous Solar year at your next Return much stronger, more personally powerful, with complete understanding of how the world works so that you become a kind of Force of Nature–now that’s something to look forward to! Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!