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PA Renoir ‘Girl with a Jump Rope (Portrait of Delphine LeGrand)’ 1878 {{PD}}

You know what to do, dear Pisces, the question is, Will you be wise enough to do it? You may hesitate to go forward for a variety of reasons, but you can’t go far wrong if you 1) stay attuned to your inner guidance system, even when it tells you something you don’t want to hear, and 2) keep your highest values in mind at all times. This latter condition will be the most difficult and the most vital, since to neglect what really matters to you could mean that home, mate, or important causes move on without you–and nobody wants that. This may be a more quiet year than most, where the action is largely internal; the biggest external demand, though, may be a significant one, where skills and their practical application may be tested repeatedly. You do get a bonus in the form of an opportunity to heal some significant wound related to the ambition and desire picture–and that’s all good. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!