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'Spring in Gościeradzu' by Leon Wyczółkowski 1933 {{PD}}

‘Spring in Gościeradzu’ by Leon Wyczółkowski 1933 {{PD}}

Is impulse control the issue, dear Aries, and do you tell yourself that may be the only way to take full advantage of opportunities, to learn what you need to? Because you may be right: you care about what you’ll leave behind you, and it almost feels like you have to do everything now, or it just won’t happen–and in a sense, that’s true. You are in prime time to make significant changes to the structure and form of your life, changes that will lead directly to Love or Money–and you know it deep inside. So why hold back? Really, there’s no need to at all–just follow a few simple guidelines: always know the power balance in any situation–you can’t afford to overlook that for even a minute–keep priorities in mind, don’t neglect home and mate, and don’t violate your own highest values–that may bring things crashing down. Opportunities will be arriving for you in surprising ways and in surprising numbers–and if you follow the guidelines, you’ll be ready. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!