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A different kind of Italian court. Andrea Mantegna - 'The Court of Gonzaga' c1470 {{PD}}

A different kind of Italian court. Andrea Mantegna – ‘The Court of Gonzaga’ c1470 {{PD}}

Yesterday the Italian high court reversed the conviction of Seattlite Amanda Knox in the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher. I took a brief look at the transits for the day of announcement, set to Seattle timed for early afternoon in Italy, and compared with Knox’s chart in Whole Sign. What I found isn’t terribly surprising, but it is interesting.

The Moon is passing through Cancer, so is in Knox’s 2nd House, running over her Venus, Mercury, and Sun=a sort of emotional verification of the identity, a validation of the communication style, and a feeling re-connect with the sense of herself as a woman, all of which she naturally sees as her assets. The natal Sun is caught up in a Cardinal Cross, with t Pluto conjunct Earth and the other arm consisting of t Zeus opposed t Uranus=ambitions and individuality/ uniqueness, and/ or a new group role, are ignited by transit, as are ambitions and a ‘new’ identity–and this won’t be entirely easily manifested, by any means (the stress of the Cross). Transiting Jupiter, though currently retro, will soon enough be heading toward trine with her natal Saturn=this unites the 7th and 8th Houses, and suggests opportunity will pour in; others will support her version of reality–with Uranus this also creates a Fire Grand Trine, emphasizing the sudden nature of the event (and perhaps surprising many–there were reports earlier in the week that the ex-boyfriend also charged had already had his passport confiscated and authorities were preparing to pick him up). Transiting Pallas is trine natal Jupiter=wisdom and knowledge, the facts (according to Knox, as this is her natal Jupiter), in harmony. Transiting Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter, uniting 7th and 11th=action by others that makes a dream come true. And transiting Saturn and t Juno fill in another Fire Grand Trine with the natal North Node and the t Sun, suggesting that Knox’s empowerment within the reality picture was the direction things were headed all along, and is now illuminated. Clearly, she got what she wanted–and I say, good for her.

There are a few other things here, though, one being that t Black Moon Lilith, t Pluto and her natal Earth, and t Venus all form an Earth Grand Trine=evidence of hidden matters, material ignored or denied, may be a source of profit, may drive further material action, or may serve to create new relationships or values. T Venus is also opposed her natal Pallas=possibly implying that trying to profit from this isn’t a wise thing. Transiting Mercury is also trine natal Black Moon Lilith, suggesting matters denied or ignored will be thought about/ communicated, possibly through rage or defiance, or through strong Self-assertion. Transiting Ceres squares natal Jupiter, implying a conflict between those in authority/ power and the facts as Knox sees them–this supports the possibility that Italy did not press things as they were reluctant to ask for extradition for someone so many Americans are defending. T Mercury also creates a Grand Cross with opposition to her natal Zeus and her Chiron-Vesta opp Ceres-Uranus-Moon=we’ve not heard the last of this, and are likely to be served a stew of ambition, a display of ‘sacred wounds’ (the concept of the Vestal united with the primal injury) that others dare not criticize, and the use of the unique situation and emotions to show personal power. Hmm. With t NN heading for a Grand Trine with both MC and ASC, and t Neptune trine her natal Mercury, it’s prime time for Knox to conjure the image she wants, to shape thinking and create the reputation and personality she wants others to see.

My husband made a remark that I think really sums it all up. What he said went something like this: If she’s not guilty of the murder, then justice has been served; and if she is, she will likely be like others who ‘got away with it’: inevitably, they go on to again run afoul of the law–so, if we as humans haven’t handled the situation adequately, we should know that the Universe eventually will.

Amanda Knox Natal Chart + transits for day of conviction reversal