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Samuel Palmer 'The Lonely Tower' 1879 {{PD}}

Samuel Palmer ‘The Lonely Tower’ 1879 {{PD}}

Dear Aries, you are entering your new Solar year with your attention firmly on the past: what you’ve done, what you’ve thought, what you’ve said that brought you to this point. Usually we warn ourselves not to be too caught up with what was, but in your case this is precisely what you should do, as studying your past will be instrumental in shaping your future successfully. You will likely spend at least part of your year weighing the price of going your own way against ambition fulfillment; the price of being unique may be loneliness, or even that you must give up goals that require the cooperation of others–and you may feel that conformity and cooperation will bring success, but at the price of emphasizing your individuality. There’s no right balance, only the balance that’s right for you, so don’t be afraid to tailor your efforts to your own particular wants and needs. Both the action urge and communications will be under stress for you all year, but you should keep one thing in mind: change is necessary for you to garner your ultimate potentials in Love or Money–remind yourself of that every time you find it hard to make a decision or to move forward. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!