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'Entenhäuser' (Duck Houses) by August Haake c1914 {{PD}}

‘Entenhäuser’ (Duck Houses) by August Haake c1914 {{PD}}

The Full Moon begins at 5:05 AM Pacific time April 4th at 14 Libra 24, with the eclipse starting about half a minute later. The Sabian for the meeting of Earth and Moon is, ‘Circular Paths’. I’m anticipating that we’ll find ourselves some ‘place’ we’ve been before, but now with a whole different viewpoint and skill set. This has as many possible manifestations as there are people, but the common denominator will definitely be that we have seen, faced, or dealt with either the same or a very similar situation before—and we don’t get a ‘do over’ so much as a chance to, in some way, replace the vibe around our handling of the event, so that what we ‘write’ energetically into the Universal record is much more in accord with who we are now. It’s a re-ordering of the Karma surrounding the situation—and in effect, changes both the future and the past, from our vantage point in the now.

We look too at the Sun for a Full Moon/ Lunar event, and the Sabian is, ‘An Indian Weaving A Ceremonial Blanket’. This suggests that the causal event or energy is one involved in the individual preparation for a serious ritual. That could be anything, any effort at Self-improvement, any spiritual practice, any creative act that has at its center both Soul expression and Soul evolution. The intent is a pure one, and carries a kind of energy imprint into the world, and into the ordering of circumstances. It’s the shining of the personal Sun, making an impact through a Universal event.