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Carl Locher - 'Fishing Cutters in the Moonlit Night' 1887 {{PD}}

Carl Locher – ‘Fishing Cutters in the Moonlit Night’ 1887 {{PD}}

You may be in the doldrums at this point, dear Aries–expect to rest becalmed (if I can overdo the sailing metaphors) for at least the first quarter of your upcoming year, through to your next birthday–but after about three months, things will definitely pick up–and you may find yourself starting something brand spanking new, out of crisis, necessity, or a serious sense of adventure. Some advice for smooth sailing (ow!): parse words, thoughts, communications carefully–keep mental activity grounded in reality, for best results; embrace the wisdom of practicality; be creative in the home, with the mate, and allow inspiration to drive to what and how you dedicate yourself and your life energies; and look for change to come from partners, through shifts in ambitions and desires, and from opportunities you pursue on your own, without the aid or knowledge of others. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!