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'Starry Night' Edvard Munch c1923 {{PD}}

‘Starry Night’ Edvard Munch c1923 {{PD}}

New Moon occurs at 11:57 AM PDT at 28 Aries 25. A NM in Aries is the birth of energy that drives individual initiative, leadership, that propels achievement that is in our own Self-interest, and could give the ego or the Self-concept a ‘new lease on life’; it is the birth of some new facet of the Will, or the Self-identity. Because the energy is so individually focused, where it falls in the natal chart can tell us a great deal about whether one will be able to process and use that energy in a straightforward way, or whether others will voice objections to this ‘new you’.

The Sabian for this degree is, ‘The Music Of The Spheres’. This promises that what is born at this time has a quality of ‘Cosmic alignment’, bringing something forward that is an inevitable development of the individual, an Arian statement about the Self that must emerge and that is expressive of the Soul and the Cosmic plan. That should reassure us that whatever happens will be something uniquely characteristic of who we are, especially in terms of ego and want, but that suits and facilitates future expression of our Will completely.