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Those ignored things you need to confront won't be anything you can't handle, Aries. Urartian Fresco {{PD}}

Those ignored things you need to confront won’t be anything you can’t handle, Aries. Urartian Fresco {{PD}}

You seem to be having trouble getting life to ‘jell’ into something clear and easy to handle, dear Aries; it’s like you feel your own power but can’t quite connect to it, you know who you are but can’t find anything to anchor that idea to, and matters hidden, denied, neglected, or ignored keep throwing criticism your way from the sidelines. Too, there’s a current tendency to slide into nostalgia for the past, in the incorrect belief that you were somehow a better ‘You’ then. What to do? First, how should you handle that criticism? By confronting those ignored matters and dragging them out into the light–that will almost miraculously silence the critical voices, inside and out. Then you must take inventory of your assets available through the coming Solar year, to your next birthday: boundless energy, relationships and resources that offer the support and status you need to earn successfully, and an inspired creativity and imagination that can guide you toward fulfillment of your highest goals, if you let it. Your biggest mistake would be failing to believe in yourself; this year you’ve got everything you need to ‘make it’–as long as you face those matters you’ve ignored or are in denial about. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!