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Günther Meltzer 'Die Cyklopeninseln 1898' {{PD}}

Günther Meltzer ‘Die Cyklopeninseln 1898’ {{PD}}

You may be preoccupied with matters of hurt this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Taurus–in fact, you may be treating those wounds as sacred–and so could miss one or more major opportunities to share yourself and your truly original creations and gifts with the group. It may be that you are so intent on intellectualizing your emotional issues that you don’t actually face them, but instead turn them into mini-dramas starring you as the wronged party. That’s not as bad as it sounds, though; in a way, you are in need of giving yourself some intense attention and consideration, and it may be that you think parading your wounds is the only way to acceptably do that. You are uniquely sensitive at this time to issues of identity and to making highest values a vital part of your life, which means that if you want to, you can remake yourself into the image of your ideal You–so, your best course of action may be to concentrate on yourself, on who you really want to be–along the way you’ll define your gifts so specifically and with such elegant simplicity that you can’t help but use them wisely. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!