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Maksymilian Gierymski 'Landscape at Sunrise' 1868 {{PD}}

Maksymilian Gierymski ‘Landscape at Sunrise’ 1868 {{PD}}

You have a major opportunity this coming Solar year, dear Taurus, through to your next birthday, to heal and offer expression to what is most unique in you. That may seem a wee bit vague, until you consider that you’ve been fighting a long time to get to this position. You’ve been through the dark, and now that you’ve reached the light, you might be a little stunned–you may have expected the dark to go on forever. What you’re really ready to do is honor yourself and your abilities, to create a statement about who you are–and to take it public. Strengths this year include the ability to communicate creatively or to share ‘the Vision’; being flexible enough to accept Love and/ or Money from unusual sources; and showing exceptional competence that brings opportunity. Cautions involve not taking the wounds too seriously, and staying away from tall tales or exaggerations–what starts out as a harmless stretching of the truth could end up anything but. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!