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Louis Léopold Boilly - 'Conversation Dans un Parc' Before 1912 {{PD}}

Louis Léopold Boilly – ‘Conversation Dans un Parc’ Before 1912 {{PD}}

You don’t know it yet, dear Taurus, but by the time you reach your next birthday, you’ll have achieved an emotional completeness, a total emotional and intuitive understanding and acceptance of who you are, that offers you a fresh start at a new, higher level–but before that happens, you’ll meet every dark and mysterious corner of your life, every thing ignored, denied, or suppressed, every bit of anger over abuse and injustice that you carry, and you must resolve these, in order to reach that pinnacle of emotional success. On your side: one or more close family members, most especially the father or a paternal figure; empowerment through the social order or through educational or religious means; a strong sense of instinct; creativity or idealism that pays off. Not so much working for you: a communication state that is stuck in only one mode, which has and expresses strength and has superior negotiative abilities but that also may suffer inflexible attitudes and thinking and have difficulty perceiving nuance in the communications of others. You’re on the way to big change–make sure that your choices and actions bring you the kinds of changes you want–indications are that this coming Solar year, if you are conscientious, they will. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!