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Ernest L. Blumenschein - 'The Gift' 1921 {{PD}}

Ernest L. Blumenschein – ‘The Gift’ 1921 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 9:12 PM PDT of the 17th at 26 Taurus 55. The Taurus New Moon is conjunct Sedna, quincunx Pallas, and in wide sesquiquadrate to the North Node. Involvement of the Nodal point tells us that what is born here significantly shapes our future; the conjunction to Sedna implies what is awakened may be knowledge held deep within and related to instinct, something we aren’t entirely conscious of. Falling in Taurus, this promises either a material ‘new beginning’ or a new era in our sense of security and comfort, and this may be a loss or gain—we can’t tell ahead of time. We sense the ‘rightness’ of this next step (in a Karmic sense, if you will) both in its very occurrence, and in the way it contributes to shaping our Path. Contact to Pallas says if we’re smart and practical, we adjust—a failure to accept this new thing, this next step that originates in our internal depths is unwise, with the most likely sign of this an attempt to keep or return matters to their pre-New Moon state that is doomed to failure.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘An Old Indian Woman Selling The Artifacts Of Her Tribe To Passersby’. Here we have someone who stands for the original inhabitants of a place, those who are as close to being a part of the land itself as possible, selling to Others a part of the ancestral inheritance. It’s one thing when a group creates products similar to the traditional items of their culture meant for sale to outsiders; it’s quite another when members of that same group sell the actual cultural items themselves, in effect trading their culture for sustenance or as a step along the Path, in preparation for change, even death (and we assume this as there’s little other reason that an individual parts with the underpinnings and artifacts of their way of life). The symbol suggests that the NM brings us to a point of desperation: we may feel there is nothing to be done to preserve ourselves except to dismantle our lives and sell off the parts! This is a bad thing, if we act with the idea that we have no choice, and no alternatives—but this can be a good thing, if we, as the figurative old woman of the symbol, are choosing to divest ourselves of things we no longer need, things we have ‘aged past’, or can hold in memory, so no longer need to hold them in our hands. It’s clear this NM brings a new beginning, one many may not immediately embrace, preferring what was to what’s coming; the symbol merely serves to show us there are multiple ways to approach change, and our choice about how to see it will shape the entire experience, just as the experience shapes us.

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