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Claude Monet - 'The Road to Vétheuil' 1878 {{PD}}

Claude Monet – ‘The Road to Vétheuil’ 1878 {{PD}}

You’ve got a tough road ahead of you, dear Gemini, in the area of Money, in Love, or in both. There, we’ve gotten the worst part over–and it’s really not that bad. This Solar year, through to your next birthday, will involve some long-delayed sorting-out in areas you’ve too long neglected. They’re not what you think they are, they need refurbishment–and that’s where all the good stuff comes in. New, revised assessments will tell you who really cares, and in what ways (and especially why) your unconscious mind has been leading you in directions that aren’t productive anymore. Those are some effective housecleaning energies for the psyche, and the result will be some crazy good creative impulses that you should definitely take action on. The truly imaginative will thrive in your life once those pesky relationship and/ or financial matters have been solved–it’s that simple. Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!