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Vincent Van Gogh - Der Zuave 1888 {{PD}}

Vincent Van Gogh – Der Zuave 1888 {{PD}}

You’re halfway there, dear Gemini–to what doesn’t really matter, your perception that you can’t quite take action yet as there’s more to do, fix, be, see, or learn permeates everything–and not moving forward when you’ve got so much juice built up is beginning to have a deleterious effect on you. If you don’t find a direction and go with it, in any number of areas, you may find yourself later in the Solar year, the one that runs between now and your next birthday, dealing with heaps of criticism, and you could succumb to nit-picky thinking and the need to deal with a thousand things up to now avoided or denied. That doesn’t sound like fun, does it? The remedy may be found in being willing to decisively edit and prune the ambitions and desires–got to let go of some options at some point–and then use instinct to inform choices, even as you work hard to discover your own ‘blind spot’ material and deal with it once and for all. It sounds daunting, I know, but Gemini, you are in an excellent position to put things not just right, but into spectacular fashion–and the payoff will be Love, Money, or both. Happy Birthday and good luck!