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The good news is you won't lose your head, Gemini. Franz von Stuck 'Salome II'

The good news is you won’t lose your head, Gemini. Franz von Stuck ‘Salome II’

Wow! This coming Solar year, dear Gemini, through to your next birthday, you may have a lot of trouble getting outside your own head! It will seem like your brain is on fire, and you’ve got to do, act, choose–and you’ve got to do it now. You do know that will be an illusion, right? You know that what’s pushing you isn’t Willfulness or even the ego, but those matters you’ve pushed aside and should’ve taken care of long ago–that, and any pain you carry will be the impetus behind your radical and aggressive push forward this coming year–but I hope you aren’t judging this as a bad thing. It’s actually an inspired thing, something prompted by your own inner wisdom and driven by your need to develop and show skills you’ve long wanted to acquire and/ or perfect. You want to be your best Self, and that’s an admirable thing–and you’ll devote this coming year to achieving it. Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!