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You really do have a passion burning in you, Gemini--it's NOT all in your head! 'The Fire' Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1565 {{PD}}

You really do have a passion burning in you, Gemini–it’s NOT all in your head! ‘The Fire’ Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1565 {{PD}}

If someone could take a picture of you on the inside this Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Gemini, they would probably title it, ‘Soul on Fire!’ You have boundless energy to pursue your life’s purpose, a mind sparking sharp as flint–it just needs a little magnesium and some tinder, aka the right substance and fuel, to burn bright–and a conscious refusal to allow neither hurt, rage, or ignored issues to get in your way. What can you expect from all this? You can expect to make some very smart choices, to acquire or sharpen some needed and highly useful skills, and you may want to begin positioning yourself to make a presentation to authorities–that will pay off very nicely, very quickly. Happy Birthday, Gemmy, and good luck!