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Anders Zorn 1891

Anders Zorn 1891

20 June reality is not what it appears to be—and in particular, destructive or transformative elements may not play out as anticipated. What ‘blocks the light’ isn’t an obstacle so much as an expression of power that we are interpreting as a blockage or wall. Transform your idea of what’s stopping you, and you will be able to see how to get where you want to go. (Saturn quincunx Sun and semi-square Pluto)

21 June attempts to expand our reach clash with our highest values and priorities, and what we value we automatically think will be destroyed—and our thoughts, inescapable, seem written in stone. It’s an odd day when we feel caught by a dozen different currents, with none strong enough to actually determine our course, and none weak enough to allow us to row our boat out of the whirlpools and onto shore. There can be a lot of needless fear generated by our own busy minds; at the same time, we may come up with ideas that are winners, especially if they concern tapping into our personal power and working with, rather than against, authorities. Changes to relationships and financial circumstances occur at this time because we are too thoroughly divorced from reality; embrace what is, as decisions will go better and outcomes will be a lot more positive than they will if we ignore it. (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Vesta, Venus quincunx Pluto, parallel Mercury, and Merc and Venus contra-parallel Saturn, with Merc trine Ceres, and Sun into Cancer/ Earth into Capricorn)