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'The Harvest Moon' Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1892 {{PD}}

‘The Harvest Moon’ Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1892 {{PD}}

This is the New Moon report and the daily aspects for the 16th from the second-to-last and current issue of ECLIPSE. The title, ‘Out of Pain’, is meant to imply both that what arises may be formed by our wounds, and that it may help carry us away from a mindset of hurt.

16 June efforts bring empowerment—that’s pretty straightforward—but material results may be influenced by our blind spot issues, and so not exactly follow expectations. The more Self-aware we are, the better our results are likely to be, and whatever you end up with, you need to realize that it is a manifestation of your conscious choices and unconscious mind—and so mixes the two—any part that surprises you should be examined closely for the implications it carries about what you’re brewing out of your own sight. (Mars sextile Juno, Earth quincunx Sedna)

Gemini New Moon at 7:05 AM PDT of the 16th at 25 Gemini 07: ‘Out of Pain’

We’ll call this NM the arm of a T-square that it would normally be just a tad too wide to consider, in aspect to the opposition between Black Moon Lilith and Chiron. When we note the presence of the Earth, though, we have to admit we have a Grand Cross with this trio, so I suppose it’s only right to count it as part of this larger configuration, even though Earth’s presence in one corner only signals a material effect to the whole pattern. What is birthed at the New Moon comes directly from the way our sense of hurt, a specific wound, possibly the primal one, collides with all those matters we’ve ignored or denied, or with our sense of rage over some injustice, and what results is some new material condition, probably some sort of knowledge, response (‘getting the message out’ or going forward in educating the Self), retreat to the religious for answers, or the removal of someone or something to a far off place (Sagittarius).

The NM also sextiles Juno, conjuncts Mars, and makes a close semi-sextile to Sedna (only 2 minutes from exact, which is why we note it). These contacts reiterate the message of the Grand Cross, emphasizing the ‘I Am’, the ego, personal empowerment, and that material hidden in the blind spot or that lives below the surface and expresses as instinct. It also speaks of action taken, either at the NM or spurred by it, and promises we hold enough clout to do as we choose—and we likely choose something arising from or addressing our wounds and our regrets.

We talk about something originating with or born at the New Moon phase when it might be more appropriate to talk about the NM as a kind of aperture through which we glimpse something new, or at least, something we’ve never noticed before. As in the case of this NM, the materials that generate the new start may have been around a long time (the Chirotic wound, the rage of BML, Sedna) but we are allowed at this point to get a new sight of them in a specific combination that reveals something not previously noticed, either about the character of the energy itself, or about the way we’ve up to now interpreted it.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘Frost-Covered Trees Against Winter Skies’. We get a winter image/ symbol for a summer NM (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere—then you’re getting one ‘in season’). This suggests, no matter on which side of the equator you reside, a distinctive ‘season’ during which the landscape (inner or outer) is uniform, and ‘wears’ the specifics of the time. Winter is the point in the cycle when everything is still, dormant, or dead. What we don’t often realize about winter is that this is a necessary time; there are seeds that wouldn’t sprout without the soaking they get from snow, there are bulbs that won’t bloom without weeks of cold, and the soil and many living things retreat from activity, in a way resting and replenishing for the growth to come in spring. Dormancy is its own ‘event’, its own form of activity—and that’s something that as humans living in an animus/ ‘doing’ driven society we may neglect to appreciate.

This tells us that, in the wake of NM events, we may need to ‘go dormant’, may need to retreat from active involvement in matters, even for just a short time, if the New Moon offers a new viewpoint that we aren’t accustomed to, and about which we haven’t yet made up our minds. The symbol is a reassurance that we needn’t act right away, should we need time to contemplate what we’ve had to confront, what we’ve needed to process, and what may have changed because of it.

See my books here–Happy New Moon, and Thanks! And if you’re interested, see my comment on interpretation of this New Moon in the comments section below.