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'L'Illusion' Auguste Rodin. photo by Paul Gsell, Grasset, 1911 {{PD}}

‘L’Illusion’ Auguste Rodin. photo by Paul Gsell, Grasset, 1911 {{PD}}

Saturday the 18th we become horribly willful about our ambitions and desires, and those things we admire, love, or value suddenly seem to warrant criticism. Why? It could be that our minds are in rebellious mode; we’re resisting every group expectation and progressive call out of sheer pique–but we may also be dealing with our own deep need for freedom–and we may not see any other way of feeling our independence except by pushing away others or by refusing to conform–even when that’s what we want. Instincts, driven by matters we’ve ignored or denied, may drive us in the wrong direction, and both messages we receive and our own thoughts are erratic–we’re only getting part of the story at any one time. Take it easy, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and try not to be too aggressive with others–if we can’t divine our own best actions, we certainly can’t divine theirs!

Sunday the 19th we enjoy healing communications and a sense of empowerment brought forward by exercising our values, and by interaction in relationships or by earning. Material matters are serious, may bring about great and irrevocable change, and may not seem to be as intense or life-changing as they really are. Tread with care.

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