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If you hear something in the reeds, go check it out--trust yourself.  Frederick Goodall 'The Finding of Moses' 1862

If you hear something in the reeds, go check it out–trust yourself.
Frederick Goodall ‘The Finding of Moses’ 1862

20 July we hold the personal authority at this time to shape our Path just as we’d like–but somehow the social sphere, or the opportunities offered us, or the facts, don’t support our choices. We are disconnected from our ideals, our thinking is deluded or confused (a rare few will stumble on good creative ideas, out in the weeds), and we’re just not able, no matter how hard we try, to see the wise choice. Dealing with today’s energies requires a sense of Self-trust that doesn’t shut down incoming data because it threatens illusions–those who are defensive tell themselves others are just messing with their dreams, but they actually may need to reassess what they value–the real worth of things is hidden beneath ideals and illusions, at this time–and all of us are almost certainly missing something in our assessment of what is and what we want. Use Nature as a guide, and be completely willing to accept responsibility for your own choices–at this point what we choose is no one’s fault but our own. (Perfecting today: Ceres tr NN, Jupiter sq Sedna, Neptune contra-parallel Venus and sesq Mercury, Sun sesq Pallas)

Bonus: for everyone with placements at 00 degrees of all signs except Leo and Libra: Venus is speaking, in relation to that placement or point she’s contacting–are you listening? She talks of Love, Money, and what you left unfinished, 8 years ago.

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