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Memento mori, Napoli {{PD}} Photo courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen, reproduced from Wikimedia Commons with Thanks--

Memento mori, Napoli {{PD}} Photo courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen, reproduced from Wikimedia Commons with Thanks–

The 21st Matters are very solidly delineated; rules are firm and obvious, obstacles have clearly defined outlines, restrictions are out in the open, and what it takes to accomplish is enumerated definitively. It all seems to be above-board and laid out for our perusal–but seems is the operative word. Our own wounds have a voice in what we choose to ignore or deny, and we may not be aware of this, as thinking, though intuitively following our inner wisdom, still manages to skirt those issues we’re in denial of or feel we must avoid. We won’t be conscious of it, but we’ll go out of our way to hide from ourselves what’s unpleasant, and that will obscure our path to empowerment. If we can deal with facts and what is in an equitable way, not allowing ourselves to shy away out of vague feelings of unease, we can accomplish a lot–otherwise the main activity might be spinning our wheels. (Chiron parallel Black Moon Lilith, Neptune contra-parallel Juno, Mercury parallel and sesq Pallas while falling at the midpt of Sedna-Black Moon Lilith, Sun tr/ Earth sxt Saturn)

By the 22nd it’s all about the facts, and we’re able to see (and are firmly connected to) the reality picture–and that means it’s a good time to make decisions, to maneuver, or assess circumstances. Our attention will shift more toward ourselves, and we’ll likely get a little more objectivity concerning material matters at this point, paving the way for the Superior Conjunction of Merc and the Sun, the seed moment for plans and ideas, on the 23rd. (The 22nd: Merc tr Saturn, Sun enters Leo/ Earth enters Aquarius)

The 23rd Self examination goes well; we know what we want and need, and are cogitatin’ how to get it. With Merc entering Leo to join up with the Sun, we enjoy a clear mandate for promoting ourselves and our causes, as expressing highest values is just naturally the smart thing to do. Be prepared, though: nothing really worthwhile comes completely free, at this point–getting what we want will cost. (Vesta tr Pallas, Earth qnx Venus)

The 24th we’re nostalgic for the past, probably for some sense of autonomy we once had, as our ideas are opposed (or just not supported) by authorities or Mother Nature. We’re out of balance, looking too intently to others for permission; remember you’re in charge of you, of your accomplishments, efforts, and the arbiter of your choices and level of Self-control, and you’ll make excellent progress. (Merc opp Ceres and tr SN)

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