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What has become stiff, false, unreal must be awaken and revitalized. Henri Rousseau - 'La zingara addormentata' 1920 {{PD}}

What has become stiff, false, unreal must be awakened and revitalized. Henri Rousseau – ‘La zingara addormentata’ 1920 {{PD}}

Just a side note to my readers: Blue Moons are neither astrological nor astronomical events, and so they hold no significance in these arenas; they are only a ‘thing’ because two Full Moons happen to fall in a (man-made) calendar month.

The Full Moon occurs on 31 July 2015 at 3:42 AM Pacific time at 7 Aquarius 55. Unless we allow an orb of more than 4 degrees for aspects, which we won’t, we get no contacts for this Moon. That’s okay–it places all the emphasis, and pinpoints the culmination, to matters of the House axis in the natal chart across which this Full Moon lies. We have an ending, reach a peak or goal, a revelation or understanding, in the area of the chart where Aquarius falls. We can look to the opposite House, the one that holds the Leo Sun, for some sense of where this came from, for explanation. Since the Sun is the originating light, we should be able to draw a line from those Leonine or House related circumstances that led to our Aquarian event, culmination, or ending; in the beginnings, we see the seeds of our result.

The Sabian for the Sun, the originating light, is ‘A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals’. As individuals, at some point in life we in some way rebelled from what was and declared our new goals and ideals; this is what has spurred developments along the path to today, toward the specific result we get at the Full Moon. Our own radical choices, our own idealism, our own need to be different, apart, independent, modern, or ‘new’ has compelled a particular kinetic energy through time, and here we see the outcome. We may note that the Full Moon occurs just before Venus dips back into Leo; there may be more than a little connection between this Full Moon outcome and what went down 8 years ago. What happens is no one’s responsibility but our own, born in our declaration of our values, and our insistence on letting everyone know what embodies our ideal.

The Full Moon Sabian is: ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display’. The image is a little eerie, as wax can have a hauntingly translucent quality that resembles skin, but skin seen in dreams or airbrushed to downy opacity. This offers the figures a kind of mocking resemblance to living Beings, but in no way can they be confused with humans–and that may be the point: real life and living isn’t something done for display, isn’t about being ‘beautifully gowned’ to no point or effect, and this Full Moon may show us where our own version of living for the way it looks must end.

The implication is that something unusual, idealistic, radical we chose in the past led us, no matter our intentions, to a stance or way of Being that is artificial, inflexible, that is for show only–and we must let it go now. In some way what we found so perfect in the past has become something fake; we must reconnect with the inspired, wild origins of what has become lifeless, and give it life once again.

Aquarius Full Moon 31 July 2015

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