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'Still Life with Roses' Giovanni Boldini {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Roses’ Giovanni Boldini {{PD}}

What’s really driving everyone today is hidden; as long as we accept that, we’ll see that empowerment or understanding can’t be aimed for, it’s just something we’ll have to stumble into, if it’s attained at all. That’s freeing, in its own way, and could help us to allow experiences, thoughts, or approaches we would normally turn away from, and so give results something fresh and unanticipated.

Don’t let anybody tell you that relationships formed online aren’t real. Yesterday I learned of the passing of a long-time client, and I mourn her. The funny thing is that from my point of view, all of you, readers and clients, are a group; I expect this to affect you, too, even though it’s unlikely you know this woman. Someone dear, funny, smart, and aligned with a mystical point of view has left the Collective; together, we can’t help but feel the loss of such a spirit. I like to think that now her questions will be answered and the mysteries that plagued her will be solved at last. Sending you love on your journey, Claire–we’ll miss you!