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Here's something you don't see every day. 'Fairy Hordes Attacking A Bat' by John Anster Fitzgerald, before 1923 {{PD}}

Here’s something you don’t see every day. ‘Fairy Hordes Attacking A Bat’ by John Anster Fitzgerald, before 1923 {{PD}}

Why is it that those with whom we expect to be in harmony, especially partners, are bringing up all those things we’d rather ignore? Why does everything that’s communicated feel so hurtful, even when it’s clearly not intended as such? We’re stronger than ever, especially mentally, with a number of recent positive steps forward supporting our current healthy approach, so what gives? It’s something about going forward, about ambitions and the way we’re seeing them, that is unbalancing things. Too much attention is on, ‘I Want’, and the mere weight of our own Self-interest is making cooperation or collaboration feel like a demanding burden; Self-focus is endowing us with a bat-like sensitivity that’s picking up every micro-shift in the air and magnifying our own feelings in response–no wonder it feels like interacting hurts! The good news is that this reveals precisely how and where we are overly sensitive, where we may be carrying hurts that would be long healed if not for our insistence on nurturing them. Let them go, and proceed through the day freely–that personal power you feel right now? That’s the ability to make things happen.

There’s a nice, long Void today, beginning just after 3 PM Pacific for the Sagittarius Moon, not ending until entry into Capricorn at 9:21 PM PDT. Don’t try to push forward at this time, and anything started now, or commitments made, may end abruptly and prematurely, or just may not go anywhere at all. Plan on a little adventure, maybe outdoors, for the last hours of the Moon in Sag–