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Neptune can lure us through the idea of rescue--our own or that of another--if we eschew responsibility for ourselves, or if we need to see ourselves as rescuers, feeling our armor could use a little shine. Giulio Aristide Sartorio - La Sirena, 1893 {{PD}}

Neptune can lure us through the idea of rescue–our own or that of another–if we eschew responsibility for ourselves, in the first case, or if we need to see ourselves as rescuers, in the other case, when the ego feels our armor could use a little shine. Giulio Aristide Sartorio – La Sirena, 1893 {{PD}}

Neptune is currently transiting through the sign it resonates most strongly to (and along with Jupiter, rules), making it as characteristic of Neptunian energies as it can get; by this I mean there’s a purity to it to which, when we ‘tune in’, we have access to–but even inadvertently, we absorb or otherwise allow that Neptunian fog to permeate the atmosphere–and today’s contacts tell a story. Neptune receives a quincunx from retro transiting Mercury in Libra, and contraparallels Pallas. This suggests a few things: messages, communications, even our own thoughts might be difficult to fathom–or perhaps it will be the hidden messages, the ideas beneath the words and thoughts, that are tough to discern–so that we somehow miss at least some of the meaning of all that’s conveyed. Our own cogitations might not go any better, as the mind obscures what’s really motivating our conclusions and compelling our thoughts to go ‘here’ not ‘there’. We may be moved by the spiritual, the imaginative and the imaginal (in both the positive and negative senses), and Collective mind influences to think along certain lines or to believe certain things, and bouncing ideas off others (Libra) doesn’t really help–but know consciously that you have only part of the story (or that you have the story but are missing some important element), and your ability to respond and think effectively jumps markedly.

The contraparallel to Pallas just piles on the uncertainty, and brings to the party an inspiration to recklessness and impracticality. How do you behave when you know you’re teetering dangerously close to making a series of bad decisions? Do you listen to your more cautious nature, and pull back, or do you plunge in, out of an addiction to drama, an inclination to make the internal chaos visible, or an urge to fan the spark of Self-destruction? The current state of your natal Saturn and Uranus (what transits they’re receiving, where they are by Solar Arc), and secondarily what those transiting bodies may be contacting in your chart will tell the story of your current responsive nature (that, and the Moon) or susceptibility to unwise behavior based on a Neptunian fantasy, delusion, or awareness of one’s individual speck-ness within the Cosmos.

Neptune can beckon to us, inviting us toward doing something decidedly unwise, through illusion, through something that can appear perfectly reasonable–and that’s where we must remember, that between today’s contacts and the Merc retro, we are unable to perceive clearly–no matter how clear the matter seems to be.

Tomorrow, the 30th, we see the Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction, with the Sun quincunx Neptune. This suggests that what is seeded with the Inferior Conjunction has an element of fantasy, imagination, or the unreal that will need adjustment as the matter grows.

Just to let you know, I won’t be posting much forecast material, anymore–review of my practices during this Merc retro makes me feel that this is a maw that can never be filled–and that kind of Sisyphean effort is not for me, much as some of you may appreciate it. So, I’ll post on focused topics like this, or in a broader observational vein when I’m moved to, and you can sign up to follow the blog and be notified if and when it happens. See my books here; the ones on the asteroids Chiron, Juno, and Vesta are very much like having a class with me, if that would interest you.

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