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Martin Johnson Heade -'Blue Morpho Butterfly ATC' c1865 {{PD}}

Martin Johnson Heade -‘Blue Morpho Butterfly ATC’ c1865 {{PD}}

I just had to talk about today–why? Because we’ll be thinking a great deal about ourselves, our viewpoint–so much so that we might lose perspective on the things and people that surround us. Somehow we’ll see situations where our highest values are contradicted by what’s wise in the moment–and our urge to act and do, to make ‘it’ happen, may not mesh with our need for more refined, unique expression, to be our own beautiful butterfly (as we say around here, when someone needs to feel special!) Our thoughts may be fixed on empowerment and status no matter what we’re actually thinking about, and for many of us that’s not our usual priority–and that means thoughts and intentions may be more competitive and Self-centered than we typically want or need them to be. The result may be a terrible myopia that could short-change the future and our relationships, with our focus so firmly on the present. Give others a pass (they’re just as susceptible to excessive Self-concern as you), and concentrate today on those things where intent Self-interest is actually appropriate, even necessary, for best results. Perfecting today: Vesta contra-parallel Pallas, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury conjunct Juno

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