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Viktor M. Vasnetsov 'The Flying Carpet', a depiction of the hero of Russian folklore, Ivan Tsarevich Русский: «Ковёр-самолёт» 1880 {{PD}}

Viktor M. Vasnetsov ‘The Flying Carpet’, a depiction of the hero of Russian folklore, Ivan Tsarevich
Русский: «Ковёр-самолёт» 1880 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs on the 12th at 5:05 PM Pacific time at 19 Libra 20, conjoined Zeus, opposed Uranus-Earth, semi-square Venus, and quincunx Chiron. New Moons start things, spark things, and may represent something that is just coalescing out of the ether, or that is born from the death of or letting go of something else (so in some cases may feel much more like Full Moons). They mark the moment that the seminal idea or impetus takes discernible shape, or attains prominence over the old, marking it as no longer valid, and so shifting our attention. This New Moon in Libra offers something fresh with an aesthetic, partnership, or cooperative flavor, with whatever’s born naming the emergence of an ambition, desire, appetite, or goal (Zeus). This may describe a change within an already-established interaction, relationship, or artistic endeavor, or may see a new one arise; with something new, we may be given the grace of a diplomatic approach to getting what we want, at least initially, or may see that a partner or cooperative other may be instrumental in achieving our ends.

Be aware, though, that we may be surprised or shocked with events, especially if what arrives new materializes through the unconscious; this can be the case when we pull something to us but can’t admit to the desire in the first place! Like the broken leg that finally allows us to rest, it can be a blessing in disguise. Or, it may come through the group or through our own rebellion from something else. What happens could spring from taking an inventive or innovative approach toward something else, with the New Moon event an off-shoot from what’s already well under way, or it could be original, allowing us to show a creativity (of a kind, or for who we are) we never have before.

What we need to be aware of is that in some way, this will cost (Venus); it may hurt, or it may allow healing, but only after we’ve paid something of a price (Venus-Chiron). This isn’t a penalty so much as an immediate way to keep the world in balance. There’s no deferral of karma: we must do the work, pay the piper, reap the benefit, balance the books, all in one brief event or New Moon period (let’s define that as the time through about 1 AM of the 13th Pacific time, when the Moon definitely enters orb for her next major aspect, a sextile to the asteroid Pallas).

Will this feel like a major event? Probably not. It may be very subtle, a short ‘Me vs. Them’ or ‘Us vs. Them’ scenario (the activity across the Aries-Libra axis), an accident, shock, surprise, or something as subtle as a new understanding that coincides with the event period. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘A Rabbi Performing His Duties’, which suggests nothing so much as the event coming in the course of our everyday activities, or perhaps arising from some role or authority-form we take on. While doing what we must, what it is our duty to perform, we meet our New Moon new start. That points, very gently, toward revelation (Uranus).

Since anxiety may center on the Uranian component of things, let’s look at the Sabian for Uranus: ‘The “Magic Carpet” Of Oriental Imagery’. While this speaks of the place the imagination can take us, it also describes the kind of fancy that comes from knowing something only through symbols, images, isolated glimpses, stereotypes, and suppositions–so, not really knowing something at all. What the New Moon brings might disabuse us of some quaint and thoroughly outdated ideas, ones that may require we give up romanticism in favor of allowing others, particularly culturally, the dimensionality, and so the regard, they deserve. This may also suggest serendipity, that blessing in disguise I spoke of earlier: the accident or shock that takes us somewhere (the magic carpet) we’ve in our imaginations been longing to go, even if we didn’t know it (the ineffectiveness of ‘oriental imagery’ in conveying the true nature of the place). And, since the New Moon occurs in Libra, this may speak of getting to know something about the partner or mate, or those with whom we cooperate–a revelation that starts something entirely new, something we truly want.

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