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You might not know who you're hearing from. Top portion of a "Letter from Heaven," produced in England 18th century {{PD}}

You might not know who you’re hearing from. Top portion of a “Letter from Heaven,” produced in England 18th century {{PD}}

Yes, the aspects discussed may be felt at any time over the coming three days, at least.

Is everything about the power balance? It may feel like it’s ‘Us vs. Them’ (or is it the social circle against lil ol’ you)? Determining where to put our attention, and who it is that really has the power to affect things, may be behind everything we do on the 5th (standout aspects: Jupiter qnx Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto).

By the 6th we may not know what to think, or know the validity of what we’re hearing. The question becomes: are we inspired, or is the imagination running away with us, or are we being deceived? Clarity of thought is unavailable, and standards and priorities seem unsatisfactory as guides for our goals. The best choice is perhaps embracing the Neptunian urge (we might say, immersing ourselves in it!) and allowing an influx of creative energy and thought to be our guiding force (Merc trine Neptune, Sun sesq Vesta)

On the 7th we may be in denial–of our own darker side, of what we’d rather ignore, of what truly matters to us–and that could put us in an emotionally unsatisfying engagement with the past, and this simultaneously significantly affects the direction we’re headed. The more accepting we can be of our own darkness (and that means, being accepting of our wholeness, of the way this is naturally a part of ourselves), the better our choices, actions, and relationships will be (Mars contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith, Venus opp Vesta, Sun semi-sq SN/ Earth sesq NN)

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