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'La Petite Barque' Émile Friant 1894 {{PD}}

‘La Petite Barque’ Émile Friant 1894 {{PD}}

8 November 2015 Venus enters Libra, her home turf, and at the same time conjoins the North Node and contra-parallels Chiron. This brings a little ‘zing’ as we feel the natural warmth of relationships, connections, romance, and the pleasant atmosphere of good manners and diplomatic remarks–and yet, there’s another little ‘zing’, and this one hurts! What is it about unfettered kindness that can sometimes wound us? Is it that it reminds us of lack of love in the past (a deficit that, we are probably acutely aware, we will never make up for), or does it show us how unloving some important relationship is now? Is there some relationship we can only half look at, turning away from what’s unkind or unloving about it, just so we can go on with it? Today there’s an atmosphere of Love and an almost palpable awareness of the very delicate nature of human connection–and if we can let enough of that Love in (because Love running over psychic scar tissue, like water over a raw wound, may be painful at first) we have a chance to heal at least some of that damage. Venus in Libra makes a velvety place for us to meet the Other, for true equality within relationship–and anything less, this time, will definitely cause us pain.

The Venus contact to the NN promises that the future is being shaped by what happens today, as is our thinking, which may show flashes of genius in areas of interaction, finances, planning, and communications, as Mercury is novile the NN.

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