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Tree Abstract {{PD}} Thanks to  CopyrightFreePhotos.HQ101.com

Tree Abstract {{PD}} Thanks to CopyrightFreePhotos.HQ101.com

If we’re feeling not quite ourselves, if we’re aware of impulsiveness in our thinking or feeling that could cause accidents, if we’re sensing a kind of unthinking rebelliousness in our approach that could make us unreliable, then we’d better plan the next day or two around it. I know! We’re not supposed to cater to our moods like that, but this streak of Uranian erraticism runs through many of us like a bolt of lightning–hot and blinding us to anything but the impulse–and we need to take it into account if we want to succeed (or even if we want to arrive safely to the end of our day!) The great thing is the need to work around this urge will focus us on some very effective means of healing; the only caution is a blanket warning that we’re not able to see the most effective way (or the smartest way, either) to gain personal empowerment, so that all moves to support ambitions should be tabled until later (Perfecting the 9th: Pallas contra-parallel Juno, Sun trine Chiron and quincunx Uranus)

And have a great start to your week!

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