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"Actors fighting under a red maple tree" Colour woodcut Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

“Actors fighting under a red maple tree” Color woodcut licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

No, it’s not that we actually want to fight, it’s that Martian verve in the sign of relationships naturally looks outward, toward the Other, and in simply attempting to state ‘I Am’ acts assertively enough that he can’t help but encroach on others’ territory (or Will). This should clue us in to the danger: in just making ourselves and our choices known, we may be much more aggressive than is necessary. Mars can’t help but push outward–and the Martian urge may be twice as strong after Mars conjoins the North Node just before entering Libra. With the point and the planet meeting at 29 degrees of Virgo, the potential for active review of life direction, and our own much too critical response, can set off all kinds of intentions to make up for lost time, to straighten things out, to correct what needs correcting, to take circumstances in hand, to be really, truly responsible–and that much unfettered energy aimed at exerting control isn’t called for–we may overreact out of zeal, or the urge to catch up with partners, or the urge to please others, or simply out of fear that we’ve disappointed–and so overstep.

There is also the matter of Merc trining Chiron and quincunxing Uranus, suggesting words and messages will be utra-powerful, able to hurt or heal, and the deciding factor might be just how comfortable we are with our own uniqueness. We can see that positively reflected back to us in the communications, agreements, and remarks that come our way if we value our most unusual features, if we treasure the things that are most special about us, the things that in less healed times may make us feel like freaks. That’s the key–and if we reject what makes us different, every word coming our way may feel like it alienates us not just from others but from ourselves as well. So I guess the best course today is 1) take it easy, and 2) love yourself.

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