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William-Adolphe Bouguereau 'Bacchante' (1894) {{PD}}

William-Adolphe Bouguereau ‘Bacchante’ (1894) {{PD}}

On Friday we seem to face our nemesis (or if not the outright enemy, our opposite number, our counterpart–but intriguingly enough, we find the asteroid Nemesis at almost 15 Libra, square Pluto–and that implies that relationships, perhaps even our closest ones, could present a resistant kind of interaction that, if it escalates to conflict, could become seriously destructive). This may cause some hurt, chiefly by having to face the reality picture–but, if we are willing to consider change, and to use talents and assets to tackle what comes forward, then we may reap real-world rewards, particularly the solid, hold-in-your-hands kind.

Talk may be blustery, exaggerated, or expansive, opening our imagination to worlds, or offering us new knowledge, but our minds may do best applied to those matters we’ve ignored or denied, or in handling those things that make us almost primally angry–we have an ability to deal with those things particularly well right now (Venus parallel Chiron, contra-parallel Mars, and sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Jupiter and novile Black Moon Lilith)

By Saturday Pacific time we may find our Will thwarted, but we have to ask, is this Self-imposed, threatened by another, or are we avoiding acting because we fear we may not have the skills to make it happen? It’s true that we may be a little confused or misguided about our assets and talents, but we’re also on the edge of inspiration, sending sensitive perceptual and psychic tendrils out in search of a way to unite our abilities with our dreams–so persistence in pushing through the fog may yield the hope, the clarity, and the wisdom we’re looking for (Mars contra-parallel Chiron, Venus quincunx Neptune, Mercury semi-square Pallas).

Get your weekend off to a great start–smile, and enjoy what you’ve got

New post for 15-16 November scheduled for 3 PM Pacific time