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Jules Tavernier - 'Sunrise Over Diamond Head', 1888 {{PD}}

Jules Tavernier – ‘Sunrise Over Diamond Head’, 1888 {{PD}}

Merc and the Sun, just having met in Scorpio in Superior Conjunction (that is, with Mercury in apparent direct motion), now turn our serious, intense gaze on what’s wise or practical (both novile Pallas), in terms of our real-world options (Merc parallel Saturn). It seems that if we research, investigate, or think deeply about something, some obstacle, problem, or issue we’re facing, the answer, or at least the next best step, comes to us. That’s nice, isn’t it? Especially considering there are two small rough points we may have to deal with: one will come in the form of the social circle vs. the individual seeking to exercise status, or in the form of one who’s trying to expand and one who’s trying to control that expansion (Jupiter contra-parallel Juno)–this is likely a stalemate; the second shows in the way relationships or financial matters are somehow smoothly able to hide what’s unpleasant or makes us angry (Venus parallel Black Moon Lilith). It’s as if those who love us, or our own resources (in the way we exercise our talents, or even spend) conspire with all those things we’d rather ignore to provide something soothing to distract us. That means we may enjoy the day, but be aware that could imply we miss our chance to find those answers we’ve been seeking–maybe put energy into first one, then the other.