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'Le Reve' (The Dream)-Puvis de Chavannes-Orsay 1882 {{PD}}

‘Le Reve’ (The Dream)-Puvis de Chavannes-Orsay 1882 {{PD}}

Our vision, our dream, is in conflict with reality right now, but even if our gaze is firmly fixed on real-life and What Is, we are unable to perceive it with any accuracy. This is the premise from which we must begin our musings; it seems, though, we are prone to do the opposite, to make up our minds about reality, to judge it according to the things we imagine are true, and to treat that as Truth. If we’re aware of this tendency, we might be more prone to making fewer pronouncements about what will happen, or about what we or others should or shouldn’t do.

This can be our best use of the energies: knowing that lies, illusion, fantasy, or idealization overlays our perception of reality, and that barriers, boundaries, rules, and a ‘lack’ mentality may infect our dreams, our ideals, and our creative urge. ‘What Is’ may seem untenable, insurmountable, or far different than it really is. We should be glad of this dissonance; it forces us to move more slowly, to look with more care, and it urges us to wait for facts, and then to examine those thoroughly and with caution, aware that these may distort the picture or hide something important. ‘Seeing Is Believing’ may be the sum of this aspect, and yet it’s exactly what we shouldn’t do.

We can be inspired by what we perceive about the world at this time, but we can’t take that inspiration at face value; there is too much ephemeral, hidden, or just plain false in our awareness of reality. We may have some luck by willingly putting boundaries on our dreams–that brings the energy of the square under our control (Saturn) and so means we can shape the dream (Neptune) within parameters (Saturn) we choose. Currently Neptune is poised to go direct and sit stationary for enough time to allow Saturn to catch up and complete the square on the 26th. They stay within orb through roughly late December, but again do a long slow dance starting mid-2016.

I wanted to add this: It occurs to me there’s another possibility: that through something difficult (the square) we get the real facts about some matter that has been confusing, impossible to understand, or obscured in some fashion. As always, there are a thousand ways to read aspects–that’s just another!

Outlook for the 17th is in the previous post. Thanks!